The Home

Casas de Luz (CDL) builds a standard 16×20 foot home with three rooms.  The process begins with the family clearing the land and preparing it for the concrete slab, which is poured by our Mexican builders Henry and Izzy, before the build weekend. The homes generally have three windows, are wired for electricity, but have no plumbing. The family typically builds an outhouse after we leave.

We would not be able to build these homes without our Mexican carpenter volunteers. Here's a special thank you:

The Build

A CDL build is two days and takes place on Saturday and Sunday. It is designed so that everyone can participate, experienced or not. At the start of the build, we will divide the group into three different teams: Painting, Truss, and Framing. However, you will not be tied to these jobs. Throughout the build, everyone will naturally move around and will have to option to experience several jobs.

Getting there

To get to the build site we will meet in the U.S and drive our own cars and caravan across the border and to the build site. Before we leave every driver will purchase Mexican Liability Insurance. Overnight, all cars will be locked in the orphanage parking lot where we stay. 

While There

All food and lodging for the weekend is covered in the builder fee. We provide lunch and dinner the first day, and breakfast and lunch the second day. Saturday night we stay at an orphanage with real beds and running water!