Despensas de Luz.

Sponsor meals and bring security to a family in Tijuana while forming a cross-cultural relationship.

Despensas de Luz (groceries of light) is a program built to bring meals to a poverty-ridden community at our Faro de Luz community center. Not only does it focus on providing families with meals, but creating cross-cultural relationship between the American sponsor family and the counter-part Mexican family. Colonia El Ranchito has a huge problem with poverty, creating effects of malnutrition among the families. Additionally, there are high rates of drug addiction and abuse within this community, which Faro de Luz is currently lowering through counseling and weekly services and classes. As a way to help break the cycle, monthly groceries will lower levels of stress in the household and allow parents and children to focus on their future instead of worrying about how to get their next meal.

Malnutrition causes dozens of physical and psychological effects that are significantly detrimental to children especially. Children who go to school hungry are not able to focus in their classes, making school more of a chore instead of a place to learn. If children go to school with a good breakfast in their system, they are more likely to pay attention and continue to learn. As part of our program, the grades of all of the children will be reviewed monthly to analyze the effects of the groceries on the child’s learning. It will also be a motivational factor for the children to study and work hard in school, automatically making their future brighter!


Monthly Donation

We ask sponsors to make at least a 6 month commitment to ensure stability for families. Sponsors can either donate $25 by the 20th of every month or donate $150 and the Casas de Luz and Faro de Luz teams will manage the money accordingly. Each family will receive groceries on or by the 1st of every month, giving the team time to shop for groceries between the time of donation and distribution.

$25 per month or up-front $150 for a 6 month commitment

Our thoughts behind a 6 month commitment is to ensure food stability in households but to not create a reliance. Some families will need further support beyond the 6 months. However, Faro de Luz will be working with the families during this time to take a step forward and to start working towards the future instead of worrying about the next meal. Every month Faro de Luz will review the grades of each student in the family to measure the success of the nutrition.

Monthly Groceries

Every month families will receive the following:

  • 2 kg beans

  • 1 kg sugar

  • 3,600 g rice

  • 1 kg oatmeal

  • 600 g spaghetti

  • 30 eggs

  • 380 g jalapeños

  • 1.5 L milk

  • 1 L oil

  • 400 g tomato sauce

  • 1 kg tortillas

  • 950 ml bleach

  • 750 ml dish washing liquid

  • 1 kg laundry soap

  • 6 rolls of toilet paper

  • 750 g salt

  • 20 flour tortillas

This list of groceries is based on the diet of an average Mexican household. Quantities are maximized with the price to provide the families with as much food as possible on a $25 monthly budget. All families will receive the same pack of groceries every month.

Cross-Cultural Relationship

In addition to sponsoring groceries for a family, the other half of the Despensas de Luz program is the ability to form a cross-cultural relationship through pen-pal like communications. Families on the US side of the border are able to choose which family they would like to sponsor and create a pen-pal relationship with. Each sponsor family will be able to form a relationship and become part of a family in Mexico.

Each month sponsors will be asked to send an update of their family, such as recent events, progress in school, etc. and photos. Their sponsored family will do the same and will be translated accordingly. In this way, families on both sides will learn about a completely different style of life and be able to notice differences and similarities that all families have in common. You never know what might bring you together!


Sponsors are able to choose which family they would like to sponsor from the families listed below. More families will be posted as more sponsors choose their families. Please click the button below the family’s information which will take you to our contact page where you can send us a message saying that you would like to sponsor a particular family. Get to know our families and begin your relationship now!


González Díaz Family

Esther, Román (5), Óscar, Ashley (7), Óscar (8), Brandon (10)

Óscar and Esther used to be addicted to drugs, and struggling to take care of their children. Now they are sober and are working hard to get their life back on track and create a future that is bright for their children. The two older boys Óscar and Brandon are both energetic and loving and they love superheroes and playing soccer. Ashley is more shy, loves to draw and play her friends at Faro de Luz. Román is also very shy but is a little bundle of energy! A few years ago, Román got ran over by a truck when he was playing in the street, and suffered from multiple broken bones and internal injuries. He has undergone several operations and is doing well. The González Díaz family recently received a home from YWAM and are so happy to have a new place to start life again.


Solís Monrray Family

José, Iván (10 mos.), Yesenia

Yesenia has been living in this house on this land for 22 years. A few years ago she left to go to high school in Nayarit, Mexico. When she came back, she fell pregnant with Iván and decided to stay. Yesenia loves to sew, and sells embroidered napkins which she learned to do at the community center. José is a builder’s assistant and has started to replace rotting wood on their roof. Little Iván is a baby who loves to eat, sleep, and cry but when he’s not doing one of those, he likes to play with his toys, especially his toy hammer. The land is currently in the name of Yesenia’s father who passed away, and she has not been able to get it in her name because of a lack of testimony. Their house has no windows, a dirt floor, and rotting wood that makes everything get wet when they rain.

Mendoza Family

Crissia (13), Caled (6), Yoselín, Dilán (1), *Ignacio

*Not pictured. Ignacio works as a builder’s assistant but it is not permanent job, so his salary is not enough to pay for what their family needs. Yoselín, Crissia, and Caled are originally from El Savador and are legal residents of Mexico. Yoselín is an active member in the Faro de Luz community and is also 6 months pregnant, so the family is preparing for another family and Dilán is getting ready for a baby sibling. Crissia has a bold personality and loves to be in charge and help her mom take care of her younger brothers. She goes to middle school and enjoys playing soccer and volleyball. Caled is more quiet because his sister doesn’t let him get a word in edgewise! He loves playing basketball and playing with cars. Dilán is a curious baby who loves to eat and play with cars, just like his older brother. As they are preparing for a new bundle of joy, the Mendoza needs support to meet the needs of their growing family.


Marroquín Pérez Family

María (18), Aleandro (14), Hugo (15), Alejandro, Ana María, Ana (10)

Ana María and Alejandro recently got married at Faro de Luz along with 4 other couples! They both work in a factory from Monday to Thursday so that they can spend time with their family on the weekends. María (the eldest daughter) also works in a factory during the week to help her parents with expenses. The younger three kids all go to school during the week and stay at home after school until their parents get home. María always makes sure her siblings have breakfast before going to school. This family loves spending time as a family on the weekends and enjoying each other’s company as well as helping out around the house.


Sponsored Families

Cerrano Family

Mérida Barrios Family

Sponsored by the Chaplin Family

Héctor, Sofía (3), Gabriela, Jesús (6), Michelle (4), Héctor (7), *Kimberly (9)


García Ramírez Family

Sponsored by Anonymous Family

Francisco (10), Rosa, Casandra (8), Isamar (12), Ernesto (7), Rosario

Sponsored by the Young Family

Blanca, Nathaly (9), Ana Rosa, Bricia (5)


González Family

Sponsored by Anonymous Family

Juana, Eneida, Ricardo (6), Osbaldo (5), Romelia (2) *Brayan (18), Luz Esther (15), Jonathan (1), Roberto (12)