Health & Safety

In Country on-call

In Tijuana, participants will have access to a phone at all times. Before leaving for their host families, every participant will receive a list of numbers in case of emergencies. Supervisors will be on-call 24 hours every day in case a participant needs to contact them. Participants are able to phone supervisors if they have any question or concern about their health, safety, project, or anything else that may come up. We also have a huge network of people in Mexico and will have access to your child at any hour of the day if they need to be removed from community or in need of medical attention. Host families will also have this list of number in case they have any concerns about their participant.

Medical assistance in Tijuana

The first place we will take your child with any medical concern is Hospital Luis Luan, only 10 minutes from Cumbres. This is a trusted hospital and can provide for our medical concerns at any time of the day. If your child is in dire need but can wait, we are only 30 minutes from the border and can cross to get medical attention in the US. For more information on this hospital please visit our important links.


We place the safety of your participant above anything else. Host families go through a very thorough process to assure the safety of your child throughout the whole summer. These families are trusted throughout the community and recommended by a local pastor.

We understand concerns of parents of having their child live in Tijuana for the summer. We have been working in Cumbres for 10 years now and have never had a problem. The community knows who we are and how we help their community and would never put our organization in danger. Families look out for us when we go down and put our protection first. Participants will not be allowed to leave Cumbres without previous permission from supervisors and will not be allowed to leave their homes at night to ensure their complete safety throughout the whole summer.