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Internship Application 2019-2020

Interested in applying to be a part of our youth leadership team? Our youth leadership team does all of the background work for Casas de Luz, making home builds, cross-cultural activities and much more possible. It is a great opportunity to learn leadership and teamwork skills that students will be able to apply in their future careers.

The CDL internship program has made a huge difference in my life. I feel like I get the chance to actually make a change in the world. I’m given my own responsibilities and I take on my own projects. I get to turn my ideas into a life-changing reality for families in TJ.
— Natalie Feldman


  • 3 hours per week

  • August - June commitment

  • Meetings every 3 weeks

  • Consistent communication

  • Reliable teamwork

  • Dedication & passion for change