Important Links

The following are a few links to help answer some questions you may have. Of course, if you have any other further questions please feel free to contact us at any time. Visit our contact page for information on how to do so.


Casa Hogar de los NIños

Casa Hogar de los Niños is the orphanage we stay at during home builds. It is a beautiful orphanage with 24 hour security as well as running water to take showers and flush toilets. Casa Hogar is 15 minutes from the host community and has beds with mattresses. 


Colonia Las Cumbres

We have been working in Cumbres for basically the entire existence of Casas de Luz. We built our Cumbres Community Center in May of 2013. Participants will be staying with host families within Cumbres and teaching classes at our new building next to our community center.


Hospital luis luan

If participants need medical attention while they are in Tijuana, the first place we will take them is Hospital Luis Luan. This is a very trust hospital just 10 minutes from Cumbres.