7am: Meet and leave for Mexico in Caravan
8am: Arrive at site with a concrete slab and a stack of lumber, Opening Ceremony, Start Build!
10am: Frame, truss, cutting, and painting progress!
1pm: Lunch- Tamales!  Rice!  Beans!
3pm: Walls are up, roof work starts, more painting, windows and doors start to be installed
5:30pm: Arrive at beautiful orphanage (pictured to right) before dark, get settled to spend the night, eat dinner, mingle, free time


8:30am: Leave orphanage after breakfast, back to work!
10:00am Roof is finishing up, inside drywall and painting, caulking
12pm: Donations brought into house to decorate; lunch, cleanup
2pm: Closing ceremony, goodbye, leave for U.S. in caravan
3-7pm: Arrival time at home varies, reminiscing begins