Summer Outline

July 5 - July 31



July 5 - July 8


Participants will meet in San Diego and be driven down to Tijuana where they will meet the training staff at the Casa Hogar de los Niños Orphanage. 

In the Orphanage, they will spend 3 nights training for the summer. Training includes a health and safety overview, project details, community briefing, information on the Mexican culture, and group bonding activities. Participants will be well versed in their role before departing for their host families on Saturday, July 8.

Living with host families

July 8 - July 31

Throughout the summer, participants will be living with host families. To ensure the health and safety of all participants the host families go through a thorough selection process and through out the summer, supervisors will ensure that their health and safety is upheld through weekly visits. If any problems arise, supervisors will asses the situation and solve it appropriately. 

During the summer, participants will be helping run a summer camp with our partner organization, Corazón as well as teaching classes in our CDL's new church/community building in the Cumbers Community. 

In addition to working with children, participants will be able to be a part of the family selection process for our home builds and help prepare for and participate in a home build. 

Lastly, participants will design a project beneficial for their community and execute it with the help of their community members. The goal of this project is to bring together community members and facilitate them working to better their community. This project is mean to grow the participants leadership skills and confidence in initiating conversations with community members.

Close out

July 29 - July 31

After spending the summer with their host families, participants will attend a goodbye party with all of the participants, host families and other community members. After saying goodbye, everyone will head back to the orphanage and spend their last 2 nights there. 

During these few days, participants will debrief on the events of the last few weeks. They will participate in ending activities and have the chance to connect with other participants before everyone departs for home on July 31.