On December 7, 2017 21 houses were consumed by a fire in colonia el aguaje de la tuna in Tijuana, Mexico, leaving 25 families homeless. It started by a neighbor routinely burning their trash but was taken out of control by the high winds on the day. Help us rebuild their community with your donations.

Donation sites:

Storage sheds at St. James Catholic Church in Solana Beach

Needed: sleeping bags, kitchen items, blankets, toiletries, tents, tarps, moving blankets, shoes, warm clothes

**Tarps, moving blankets, shoes, and clothes are top priority to keep families warm during the winter!**

This is the first phase to get families their basic needs. The next phase will be to meet the individual needs of families.

Update December 20, 2017:

Families are beginning to rebuild their homes using any materials they can find such as pallets, doors, or spare plywood. We met with the community leader today who gratefully accepted our help, allowing us to find out more information about what these families need. We brought down Christmas decorations which brought some cheer among the char which brightened the families holiday season. The tarps that were brought down were a huge hit, preparing for the winter rains. Moving blankets were also requested in order to put on the floor to sleep on warmly. Our next visit will be in 2 weeks and we are hoping to bring a large load to get this community going.

Update January 9, 2019:

Homes are starting to be rebuilt with roofs going up from the tarps that our community has donated. Families are staying warm during this cold season from the blanket donations as well. Some families are struggling more than others, still creating a need for tarps, blankets, windows, and other building supplies. The families that have had the blessing of being able to begin rebuilding are in need of furniture and kitchen items to create their house a home. 



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