Meet the Masters.


Head Master Carpenter

Dario Cano

Civil Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana

Field Engineer, Promotores de Juventud con una Mision


Age: 23

Dario started building with CDL when he was just 12 years old. He has a passion for building houses because they have the capacity to change the lives of families in ways we will never realize. He has seen those changes in his family and wants every family to have that opportunity.

Favorite food: Mole, carne asada, pumpkin Joe-Joe’s

Favorite free time activities: Dario loves to play guitar, listen to music, drink coffee and go to new coffee shops, build things, and go to the beach.


Master Carpenter

Kirsten Chaplin

Human Developmental Sciences, UC San Diego

Age: 20

Kirsten became a master carpenter earlier this year after building for about 6 years. She likes to build the roof to ensure that families have a dry place to stay. Kirsten’s favorite part of the build is after the closing ceremony where she can show the family their new home.

Favorite food: Adobada tacos, woodfired pizza, roasted brussel sprouts

Favorite free time activities: Study in coffee shops, listen to music, take care of her plants, bake, and go to the beach.


Master Carpenter

Oscar Ayala

Age: 25

Oscar has been building with CDL since he was 15 years old. He loves what he does because he wants to help transform his country and help his people. You’ll typically see Oscar on the roof and making lots of jokes!

Favorite food: tacos, chips with hot sauce, hot wings, Trader Joe’s cranberry orange scones

What he does in his free time: Oscar loves playing with his daughter Isabella, play guitar, watch funny videos and fix cars.


Master Carpenter

Ruben Dario Cruz

Better known as Flaco, Ruben loves watching a team come together to build a house for a family that they don’t even know. It makes him happy to see how everyone connects and fills the home with love.

Favorite food: Chocolate, hamburgers, tacos

Favorite free time activities: Ruben likes to watch TV (especially anime), play video games, play guitar, and repair electronics or just take them apart to see how they work!