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People who have never done anything like this and that never thought they could or would, have been awakened to new opportunities to participate in and even carry out projects such as this.
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Community Meals.


What do I need?

A team.

The sponsor has priority in choosing their building team. A team generally consists of about 20-35 builders. If the sponsor does not have enough volunteers, we will fill in as needed. We have a wide range of sponsors, from elementary, high schools, and universities to individual companies, churches and families. Sponsors can be anyone, and it is a great team bonding activity! Sponsors also have the ability to choose which family they would like to build for if desired.

How do I fundraise?


Our leadership team and board can give fundraising tips to our sponsors. However, it is up to the sponsor to raise the $4,500. Sponsors typically do this through individual fundraising events such as bake sales or concerts, or they start a fundraising campaign to send to friends and family. We are always here to support our sponsors in their fundraising journey! The $4,500 covers the foundation and all building materials necessary throughout the build.

If you, your company, team, school, or a group of friends are interested in sponsoring a build, please contact us below!


Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday our Faro de Luz community center provides a meal for their community members. About 80-140 members always look forward to and enjoy these meals with their community. Meals can range from sandwiches and chips to mole, chicken, and tortillas.

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