You are our Foundation.

Incredible experience. We came to give and ended up getting more than we gave. Such a blessing our family to share this experience together!
— Builder June 2017
A great program that allows people to make connections with those who live in Tijuana and those who live in San Diego. I had an amazing experience and thrilled with how well Casas de Luz worked.
— Builder October 2013

“A memorable, meaningful experience that will leave you with a swollen heart and a fire in your belly to do more.”

I was so impressed with my experience with Casas de Luz! The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. The food was awesome and I was pleasantly surprised by the lodging. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget.
— Builder September 2017
Casas de Luz does such a great job organizing and carrying out these builds. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. This is truly a mission of love for the families who receive these homes.
— Builder July 2014
Building a home for a well deserving family was one of the most rewarding experiences my husband and I have ever done with our children. It was an amazing feeling to directly experience the benefit of your time and donations. We arrived home feeling grateful for all that we have and for all that we have to give.
— Builder October 2018

“People who have never done anything like this and that never thought they could or would, have been awakened to new opportunities to participate in and even carry out projects such as this.”

I have traveled to 30 countries, spanning over six continents. Yet, the Casas De Luz home build, which is only about 60 miles away from my home, is one of the most impactful travel experiences of my life. Building a house for a family that literally did not have one before we arrived was both amazing and incredibly humbling. Came home exhausted...but it was the very best kind of exhausted!!
— Builder March 2018
Casas de Luz is an incredible organization. Not only are they giving residents in TJ a foundation for their future, but they are including us to help, too. It was incredible to see them interact with the TJ community and see those who have had homes built by Casas de Luz come and help build additional homes. Casas de Luz cares and takes care of every detail from building the home, to decorations, to food, to lodging and everywhere in between. Thank you, Casas de Luz to your commitment to TJ, loving others so well, and your endless patience. I had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to build another home with you all
— Builder September 2017

“Great experience! Such a high sense of satisfaction after all was finished and the family walked in to their new home. SO happy I was a part of it all!”

This exceeded my already-high expectations- to actually see a house get built, from a bare slab to a building with rooms and a door and windows, was incredible. Love the cameraderie, the unlikely partnerships, the ‘you can do it’ spirit, and the ability to simply try anything without judgment or criticism. It was so very empowering. And the love is strong.
— Builder March 2018
We did the house build as a family project during the Christmas holidays, and it was one of the most memorable experiences we’ve ever had together. The difference between talking about helping others and devoting this type of time and energy to helping a known family and seeing the transformative results is profound — life changing for all involved!
— Anonymous
This was such a fun build. The group was great and the family was wonderful. I loved having all the neighborhood kids come out and help. This makes it feel like a community-building activity for other residents, on top of all the other good that we’re doing.
— Builder September 2017
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“What I love most about this organization is that the actual house is secondary to what it represents; ie relationship, community, and most importantly love.”

Great way to get away with your family to engage in a group project that is both bonding in the experience and productive in the giving back in a short two days while being immersed in a foreign culture. Highly recommended.
— Builder December 2016
I’m not able to put into words how amazed I am by the work you are doing, and how smoothly every part of the process runs. I’m such a fan!!!
— Builder October 2015
Being involved in a home build is a life changing experience! My young son was part of last year’s build and his “first-hand” view of the world is forever changed. He sees how others live, and he better understands the difference in need and want. He experienced the joy of learning, working and playing with his Mexican neighbors, and he loved it! He learned that he can help make a difference in people’s lives. He’s a more empowered nine year old who wants to be involved in future builds because he was so enriched by the experience.
— Builder May 2013
Thank you for giving us the chance to give to others.
— Builder May 2015