Their future is now.

Meet our families and read their unique stories. Families will be added as homes are built.


García Sifuentes Family

Tepexcuapa Family

Sagredo Family

The Sagredo Family’s house burnt down two years ago and they lost everything. Ever since, they have been living in little rooms that they have put together with scrap wood on land that they own. Jesus works as a construction man and Angelica stays at home to take care of the kids. Jesus has been working with Casas de Luz for a few years, helping to pour the foundations for our homes.Their little daughter Emily loves to color, play with her little brother Dilan and most of all play soccer!

González García Family


González Maldonado Family

Meet Esmeralda, Evelín, and Hermelinda. The lives of these women changed drastically last year when Hermelinda’s husband and the girl’s father fell from a ladder and passed away. He was a bricklayer and started building a house but did not finish it. They were living in a little room with a dirt floor on a property that they have been living on for 27 years. Esmeralda is in her sixth semester in the medical school of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. Evelin is currently in beauty school. This house will be a safe haven for the girls to study and feel the love and support that we have put into making it a home.

Arteaga Torres Family

Ramírez Family

Luis and Rosa are pastors of a church and are working in their own little family business making approximately $150 a week. Luis was working in a factory that closed last April. He received a compensation that he used to open a little grocery store in partnership with his brothers. They were planning to build a little room to live close to the church and business and even changed their daughters Hanna and Ailyn to closer schools, but they did not make enough money to build. With their new home they are closer to their most important values. They have a huge heart for their community and are always looking for ways to help.