Connect. Learn. Experience.

Cross Cultural Connections

A project to step out of your bubble and open your eyes to a world unknown.


Out of the bubble

Cross cultural connections (CCC) is a Casas de Luz youth group led by our high school leaders. Our communities are only 50 miles away yet there is a border separating us into two very different worlds. The vision of CCC is to introduce youth from our community into an entirely different culture while exposing our youth in Mexico to our culture. This exchange of culture allows youth on both sides of the border to broaden their horizons and create relationships with others that come from completely different backgrounds. The goal for the American side is to practice Spanish and open their minds to a different way of living. Our Mexican counterparts aspire to form relationships and create a larger sense of community. The end goal for both groups is to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, but more importantly to learn and connect. To learn about another culture opens up our minds to a larger world with more opportunities and a larger understanding.

What have we done?

  • Built a roof

  • Built stairs

  • Water park excursion

  • Ate lots of tacos

  • Made friends

  • Laughed a lot

  • Learned about Mexican culture

  • Tried new foods

  • Played endless games

What do we do?

  • Cultural excursions

  • Connect

  • Practice Spanish

  • Play games

  • Exchange culture

  • Open your eyes

  • Leave your bubble

  • Have fun

  • Learn

What will we do?

  • Cooking class exchange

  • Formal dance

  • Dance classes

  • Excursions

  • Movie night

  • Sports day

  • Art day

  • Endless opportunities!


Hear From Our Past Participants

Cross Cultural Connections was a life changing opportunity that allowed me to experience a new and beautiful culture, as well as make a meaningful impact on others around me. It’s an experience that will bring you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible. Participating in this program was one of the best decisions I have made for myself, and through it I gained memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.
— Rachel Ottino

Next CCC Date: TBA