Drive Insured.

Mexican Vehicle Insurance.



  1. Have your driver’s license and auto registration available.

  2. Sign on to website:

  3. Select new policy.

  4. Input vehicle type, year, make, and model. (Value is “0 liability only”)

  5. Input coverage duration: date of build from 7:00 AM for 2 days.

  6. Answer other misc. questions. (ie. NO for towed items, YES for US insurance policy, YES for tourist visit etc.)

  7. Press continue.

  8. Select ACE Seguros Platinum policy. (This gives the most coverage for minimum cost.)

  9. Press continue.

  10. Input driver information.

  11. Input destination as Baja California.

  12. Press continue.

  13. Input vehicle information, insurance company name, and Leinholder if applicable.

  14. Press continue.

  15. Agree to the terms & conditions.

  16. Input credit card information.

  17. Purchase policy.

  18. Print policy and keep a copy in your car during the trip.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


Got Sentri or global entry?

Register your car and skip the line.

If you already have Sentri or Global Entry, all you need to do is register your car for crossing the US-Mexico border by land. Use the information below to register your car. Once your car is registered and approved, you may begin crossing in the Sentri/ Global Entry lanes. Please be aware that only passengers who have Sentri or Global Entry may cross in your vehicle at the border. Those that do not have either will need to use the pedestrian crossing.

Instructions from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

  1. Visit your Trusted Traveler Program portal.

  2. Select add vehicle on your dashboard.

  3. Pay the $42 processing fee.

  4. Processing takes 3-5 months for approval.

  5. Once you are approved you may cross the border in the Sentri/ Global Entry lanes.