Thank you.

We had recently brought our kids to Rosarito because in the south, in Veracruz where we’re from, there is so much violence and unemployment. There are no jobs or resources to lead a reliable life, sometimes not even to have food. Now we have our own house and everyone in our family has found a job. We now have a much more reliable life, sometimes we even have the luxury to buy milk or yogurt which we never could buy in the South. I am so grateful that Casas de Luz has blessed me with something so valuable.
— Luz Maria Cruz
Our home has helped my family and I feel safe and not feel so exposed. With the death of my father, our old room felt unprotected. It has also allowed us to have our own personal space and not live in an overcrowded room. For me personally it has helped with my studies because a lot of times I stay up late to study and when I shared a room with my mom and sister, they weren’t able to sleep and rest well because I had to have the lights turned on and made a little bit of noise. In general for the three of us we are so grateful for our new home where we feel so safe to live.
— Esmeralda González

Turning dreams into reality.

Casas de Luz filled me and my family with happiness and blessings the day that God put you in my path. When my house burned down and my son, grandchildren, and husband were left with nothing, God sent Casas de Luz to us to give us happiness and a beautiful church. Casas de Luz made us so happy and I want to thank everyone.
— Florenica
The emotions that one feels is not comparable with anything. To see people who don’t even know you work with such passion and love to build something for your family is a beautiful feeling. I am so grateful to the entire team, may God bless their lives and families in the same way He blessed mine.
— Rosa Ramírez
It was so amazing for our family to have what we desired and thank you to Casas de Luz, our dream was made into a reality. We are so happy in our new home!
— Cristal García
It was a beautiful experience watching people who build a home for others without even knowing them. It was beautiful to see that they were helping us have somewhere to live and spend time as a family in our own home.
— Adela Cruz
The experience of receiving a house was an answer to my prayers. We are so happy because we now have a roof under which we can be with our children. Our new home has allowed us to have our own space to have more time as a family, especially because we used to live with my mother. It’s so special to be able to have your own home in your house.
— Alma
This was a huge surprise for me, nothing I could have ever imagined. I know generosity but nothing of this magnitude. Now we don’t have to worry about rain or the cold air coming in through our roof. I have learned so much from this experience.
— Hermelinda González