Our Vision For



Our mission is to transform individuals, families, and communities on both sides of the San Diego/ Tijuana border and create long lasting, self-sustaining change through youth empowerment, cross cultural relationships, leadership development, home and community development, and environmental sustainability.

All builders learn new skills and develop, strengthen, and build cross cultural relationships. Sometimes coming to builds with no prior building experience, builders leave the site surprised at how much they have learned.

Our Cross Cultural Connections program facilitates the creation of cross-cultural relationships between high school students in the US and students in Mexico. These relationships open their eyes to an entirely new culture and way of life.

Our builds bring youth and adults from the US and Mexico together for two days to construct a home or community center utilizing expertise and building materials from both sides of the border. US donations of doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, appliances, electronics, household items, and more are used to furnish the homes.

Through our leadership team we empower young high school students to recognize their immense capacity to create change. Throughout the leadership year, leaders are taught leadership skills and finish the year leaving an impact on Casas de Luz. Leaders are able to practice their skills on home builds throughout the year.

We support two community centers and their vision to transform their communities. We support a breakfast club at our Cumbres community center, serving breakfast to local school children. Every year we provide school supplies and educational resources to students. Throughout the year we provide medical support and referral services to families who require this support.

We deeply value each family and supporting them after we leave a build. Each family creates their own path with the home as a foundation. We support families in whatever way we can.

Our main vision is to empower individuals and families on both sides of the border to recognize their potential and create change in this world.