Kathy Faller - Founder

As the volunteering at the kids schools declined, Kathy was looking for a new endeavor to put her energies into.  Their family had been doing annual home builds with another group and this seemed to be a worthwhile activity.  Little did she know that 10 years later she would be making weekly donation deliveries, learning Spanish and organizing building teams.


Kirsten Chaplin - Operations manager

Kirsten has been involved with CDL since funding a home in 2014. She is passionate about developing cross-cultural relationships and making a lasting impact on families in Mexico and the youth in the US. Kirsten's goal is to lead youth and builders through an eye-opening experience.

Eileen Hahn 1.jpg

Eileen Hahn - Board Member

Eileen's involvement began in 2009 with a home build. Three years later she built a community center supporting the Cumbres Community, hosting a breakfast club and other education programs. Eileen contributes her leadership in moving Casas de Luz forward. 

Sara Knapp.jpg


Her first build was in 2009 and since then the Knapp family has been a major life force of Casas de Luz. Sara is Casas de Luz's number one networker, she helps to find build sponsors, identifying donations, and spread the word.

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Michael Clayton - Board Member

Michael began his journey with Casas de Luz with helping Kathy deliver weekly donations in 2011. Since then he has sponsored three homes and is responsible for our Repurposing with a Purpose program. He also started a program delivering household items to previously homeless mothers.


Robin Sales - Board member

Robin has been involved with the Casas de Luz program for 10 years. She has built many homes in the colonias of Tijuana. There is no joy greater than helping a family to have a safe and dry home.  Robin speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys sharing the experience with the families.